Dampers for your industrial plant


Dampers are an elementary component of modern industrial plants, be it for the discharge and detour of air, gas or flue gas. Depending on the area of application, they are operated with varying drive systems, and this is where specialists are needed.

The EnergieLink Group combines many years of experience in the field of thermal waste treatment with the proven product line of Steinberg + Kirsch (S+K) dampers.

Benefit from our experience

S+K’s product portfolio covers the entire demand for dampers and gate valves in waste incineration and biomass plants for experts dealing with new plant construction, operation and service.
For combustion air control, our robust control dampers are very well suited, as they can cope with the usually demanding operating conditions reliably. Multi-vane louvres are mostly used for shut-off and bypass of the air preheater. In the further course of the air and flue gas path, shut-off and control dampers are used, for example, for the recirculation of flue gases and in exhaust gas treatment.

Our grate ash removal flaps are optimised for reliable removal of the grate ash into the ash removal system under the demanding operating conditions under the combustion grate.

A reliable closure of the slag chute is provided by our slag chute gate. All the applications listed are subject to the demanding process conditions prevailing in waste incineration plants, i.e. the combinations of high temperatures with corrosive media, dust loads and other parameters that occur depending on the location of use.

We respond to these requirements by selecting a suitable steel in the design of the respective damper, combined with a sealing concept adapted to the application and with proven coatings or rubber linings as corrosion protection.

The actuators available are electric or pneumatic actuators as well as manually operated gearboxes or levers.