Shut-off damper

Shut-off damper

Our shut-off dampers are used for the controlled opening and closure of lines, e.g. for the isolation of individual plant components during changeover operations, for the isolation of individual plant components during maintenance work and much more.

Facts & figures


– round or rectangular
– robust design
– low maintenance
– single or multi-vane


According to requirement


99% – 99.9% area equivalent


up to 1’400°C


electric drive
pneumatic actuator
manual with hand wheel/lever

Examples of places where shut-off dampers are used are:

– Combustion system in waste incineration plants, biomass and other power plants

– Air, steam and process gas ducting in process engineering

– Exhaust gas cleaning systems in power plants, waste incineration plants and the process industry

The selection of the correct shut-off dampers depends on various factors, such as type of medium to be controlled, pressure, temperature and other operating parameters.

Areas of application

Environmental technology

Waste incineration plants

Process engineering applications

Process engineering applications

Area of application Flue gas denitrification plant (DeNOx)

Flue gas denitrification plant (DeNOx)

Area of application Power plants

Power plants

Steel plants

Area of application Cement plants

Cement plants

Area of application Flue gas desulphurisation plant (DeSOx)

Flue gas desulphurisation plant (DeSOx)

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