Swivelling damper

Swivelling damper

This type of damper is characterised by positioning the shaft outside the flow path, resulting in an undisturbed flow. This makes this type of damper the choice for any application, where a free cross section is essential for the particular process. A common application are ash dampers under the combustion grate of waste incinerators. A further effect of this design is the reduced wear of the damper, which is reduced to nearly naught.

Facts & figures


– rectangular design
– robust design
– low maintenance
– shaft mounted on one side


According to requirement


99% – 99.9% area equivalent


up to 600°C


electric rotary drive
pneumatic actuator
manual with hand wheel/lever

Features of our Swivelling damper

Our swivelling dampers can be operated manually or automatically, as required. Sensors and/or switches installed on the damper allows an easy integration in a process control system.

Area of application

Waste incineration plants

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