Double Shut-off damper

Double Shut-off damper

Even though EnergieLink shut-off damper can achieve a tightness of 99.9% by selecting a suitable seal, there will always be a system immanent residual leakage. For applications requiring a sealing of 100%, double shut-off dampers are the solution.

Facts & figures


– round or rectangular
– robust design
– low maintenance
– sealing air/gas control optional


According to requirement


100% tightness


up to 1’400°C


electric rotary drive
pneumatic actuator

Features of
the dampers

Double shut-off dampers consist of two dampers in one housing, forming an enclosed compartment in closed position. Air or another sealing gas is fed into this compartment via a fitting at a slight overpressure, relative to the main flow. This leads to 100% tightness of the entire unit.

According to the project specific requirements, the two individual shut-off vanes can be actuated by one common shaft or by separate shafts. The control of the sealing flow is coupled with the actuation of the damper to ensure a reliable seal with minimum consumption of compressed air or sealing gas.

Areas of application

Environmental technology

Waste incineration plants

Process engineering applications

Process engineering applications

Area of application Flue gas denitrification plant (DeNOx)

Flue gas denitrification plant (DeNOx)

Area of application Power plants

Power plants

Steel plants

Area of application Cement plants

Cement plants

Area of application Flue gas desulphurisation plant (DeSOx)

Flue gas desulphurisation plant (DeSOx)

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