Control damper

Control damper

The control damper is used in industrial plants to control the flow of air, other gases or vapors. Control dampers are often designed with multiple vanes, these are frequently also referred to louvers.

Facts & figures


– round or rectangular
– robust design
– low maintenance
– multi-vane


According to requirement


97% – 99% area equivalent


up to 1’400°C


electric actuator
pneumatic actuator with control

Areas of application

The industries and areas of application in which control dampers are used are largely congruent with the areas of application of shut-off dampers. On the other hand, the applications of control dampers are even more varied due to their characteristic as control elements.

Examples include:

– Control of combustion air in waste and biomass incineration plants

– Flue gas recirculation in power plants and high-temperature processes

– Control of exhaust gas flows in the process industry

– Start-up regulation of large fans

The required position of EnergieLink’s control dampers can be set manually or via the process control system. It is proportional to the control factor defined by the particular process, e.g. an air flow . The drive of the damper ensures the required position is reached as quick as possible and kept reliably. The current position, needed for the control, is given by sensors mounted on the damper.

Areas of application

Environmental technology

Waste incineration plants

Process engineering applications

Process engineering applications

Area of application Flue gas denitrification plant (DeNOx)

Flue gas denitrification plant (DeNOx)

Area of application Power plants

Power plants

Steel plants

Area of application Cement plants

Cement plants

Area of application Flue gas desulphurisation plant (DeSOx)

Flue gas desulphurisation plant (DeSOx)

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