Slag chute gate valve

Slag chute gate valve

Slag chute gate valves are used in waste-to-energy plants to isolate the deslagger from the incineration grate. Work on the deslagger may only be carried out when the slide gate is completely closed, e.g. during inspections. Due to extreme fouling and high humidity, slag deposits build up on the inner walls of the slider, making it impossible to close the slider completely. In this case, no work may be carried out on the deslagger.

The 100% reliably closing slag chute gate valve from EnergieLink

EnergieLink’s patented slag chute gate valves are the first solution to achieve 100% isolation of the deslagger from the combustion grate, even under difficult operating conditions. Work on the deslagger is therefore possible at any time without risk. All important components, such as wear parts, are accessible from the outside.
The gate valve consists of a frame and the gate itself, which is hydraulically driven via external rollers. The special design ensures 100% closure. When closing, the gate passes through the movable rear part of the frame. When opening, this movable part is moved back to its basic position and automatically fixed there. While the slag chute gate moves to the open or closed position, all sides are self-cleaning so that jamming is prevented. This self-cleaning effect noticeably increases the service life.



100% closing even in the most extreme conditions


steel and stainless steel & special solution on request


for all systems and sizes


hydraulic cylinder drive & other drives on request


– lower costs
– additional safety for the operation due to 100% closure failures due to blockage can be reduced to a minimum
– low maintenance
– by moving the slide all sides are self-cleaning, which prevents jamming and significantly increases the service life. All wearing parts are accessible from the outside. All wearing parts are accessible from the outside.

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