Grate Block 206

Grate Block 206

A grate block width of 103mm was previously the standard for many waste to energy facilities. The permanent requirement to reduce downtime and maintenance costs, is obviously also valid for the heart of a waste incineration plant, the grate.

Double width
– half the effort

One approach to this is to double the width of grate blocks to 206mm, which has several advantages. On the one hand, the width of 206mm allows the blocks to be bolted together to a stable row. This results in saving of many previously required additional parts, such as elaborately manufactured tie rods, , but, nevertheless, the undesirable tendency of individual blocks to stand up is reduced.

In addition, eliminating numerous parts, saves a significant amount of working hours, with what the EL Grate Block 206 is contributing to the reduction of maintenance costs.

As a further benefit, doubling the width of each block halves the number of gaps between the blocks, thereby reducing ash leakages.

The number of primary air holes has been reduced by half, while the total outlet area of the primary air has been kept the same. This significantly reduces the clogging tendency of primary air holes during operation and thus ensures a permanently homogeneous air distribution.

In the course of the development the topology of the grate block was optimised based on the mechanical and thermal loads. On the one hand, this results in a weight close to 25kg for a 206 block – a saving of approx. 25% compared to two standard blocks of 103mm; nevertheless, the service life of the previous 103 block was maintained.



heat-resistant cast steel

topology optimised

approx. 25 kg

Bolted only – significant reduction of accessories


– lower costs
– faster installation due to reduced number of parts. Significant reduction in labour hours and service costs. – significant reduction in labour hours and service costs
– less material
– the bolted system eliminates many positions – lower costs and reduced inventory
– less grate throughfall
– fewer gaps in the grate and less lifting of individual blocks, thus less grate throughfall (ash throughfall)

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