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EnergieLink News

With great pleasure we congratulate Bastian Schulz for his new position as Managing Director at EnergieLink! Motivated, forward-thinking and with extraordinary commitment, he is always at Laurent Ludwig's side to drive EnergieLink's success forward.

We wish Bastian a great start and much joy and success in his new role!


Berliner Abfallwirtschafts- und Energiekonferenz

We are very pleased to be on site again this year as a sponsor and participant of the Berliner Abfallwirtschafts- und Energiekonferenz and are looking forward to interesting presentations and discussions.


System solution incineration technology for new plant construction

Everything from a single source!

We offer our customers the complete package within the thermal waste incineration process. From planning, engineering and product delivery to commissioning and subsequent revisions. We provide our customers with the complete solution from a single source.

EnergieLink Your partner for the complete System solution incineration technology!


Slag Chute Gate Valve

We present our latest innovation in the field of plant engineering:

The ORIGINAL! - Our slag chute gate valve

We have THE solution! Our new slag chute gate valve for thermal waste to energy plants is the first of its kind. Even under the most extreme conditions it closes at 100%.

We have already been able to successfully implement our slag chute gate valves in various waste to energy plants.


Innovation in the field of industrial flaps

Building on two preliminary projects in collaboration with the University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northern Switzerland ("FHNW"), we continued our research and found the crucial point for innovation. Automating the manual effort in construction.

Coming soon: our latest innovation in the field of industrial flaps.

In collaboration with our research partner FHNW, and thanks to co-financing from Innosuisse, we are developing a program that enables the automated and adaptive dimensioning of industrial dampers. State-of-the-art tools and the support of highly experienced experts make this possible.

Your benefit/your advantages:

Individual exact dimensioning - thanks to innovative tool
With our innovative dimensioning tool with integrated FEM calculation, we reliably determine the correct dimensioning of the dampers for customer-specific applications. This enables us to offer you the perfect, customised damper.

A suitable offer in a short time
By simply entering the process parameters into our innovative tool, an FE simulation model, calculation and evaluation are automatically generated. This enables us to immediately determine the manufacturing costs and to provide a reliable quotation.

Lower costs - thanks to optimised design
As part of the Innosuisse project to develop the dimensioning tool, we have further improved and standardized our dampers. By using the latest manufacturing methods and optimizing the reinforcement, we were able to achieve higher rigidity with lower weight. This allows us to save material and manufacturing costs.

Shorter delivery times - thanks to optimized processes
Thanks to automation, made possible by the novel dimensioning tool, we can save labour resources and work much more efficiently. This allows us to achieve shorter delivery times of your customized damper.


Coming soon…

our first EnergieLink NFT's collections will be available soon. The No. 1 NFT's of plant engineering by EnergieLink. Stay tuned!


Grating block 206

We present our latest innovation in plant technology:

THE original! - Our EL-TWIN Block 206

The new biomechanical grating block "EL-TWIN Block 206", has been developed from our cooperation with a University in Switzerland.

Our new "EL-TWIN Block 206" was created by not only biomechanically optimizing our grate block 103, but also by making it wider and by reinforcing the critical front part.

The first series of our "EL-TWIN Block 206" have already been successfully used in various waste incineration plants.

Learn more...


Development dampers

Our goal is to continuously improve the design and quality of our products. We cooperate with universities to conduct a variety of calculations and FE analyses. We have already managed to optimise our design on the basis of these investigations, an example being a reduction in weight of approximately 15% while maintaining strength. In addition, we have adapted our production methods and, as a consequence, further enhanced the design quality of our dampers.

Alongside calculations, we also conduct measurement campaigns. These serve to validate calculations and, in a further step, provide a basis for enhancing our dampers with sensor and measurement technology.

ISO Zertifizierung

Successful recertification

Top Team - Top Performance! Well done!

We are proud to have successfully passed this year's recertification of the ISO 45001:2018 standard.

Further information and current certificates can be found at Our Standards!



Lean structures, a systematic approach and rapid results. EnergieLink serves industrial plants throughout Europe, wherever needs are acute and on the basis of long-term service contracts. The goal is to achieve an optimum degree of performance and energy efficiency in your plants, whether waste incinerators, waste-to-energy plants or steelworks. Even though, or perhaps precisely because we are a young, dynamic enterprise, we can already take credit for a substantial number of reference projects involving well-known plant operators. The latest EnergieLink reference projects with detailed performance specifications, ranging from the refurbishment of a deslagger to the complete conversion of a plant, can be found here in the Inside EnergieLink news. Our team consists of 30 specialists in plant and environmental engineering, consultants, designers and project managers, spread over three sites in Switzerland, Germany and the Netherlands. We supplement them when needed with experienced and proven local service providers. This means that our operational efficiency and cost-effectiveness matches the efficiency of your plant.


Our green block

One example of an EnergieLink development is the optimisation of the air-cooled grate block. The standard grate block employed in plant engineering was optimised through FE analysis and conducting a series of trials in cooperation with a university. This optimisation was based on an examination of temperature distribution, the stress curve and the extent of wear. The improvements resulting from these findings ensure optimum distribution of stress. The advantages are that the consumption of raw materials is reduced by around 25 % with our new grate block, and handling is simplified as a result of the reduction in weight. The first series of the new grate block is currently in use in a variety of plants. Who knows, maybe it will soon be in use in yours? We will be more than happy to advise you.


Herne DE

EnergieLink has also been represented in Germany since January 2017. The branch in Herne, North Rhine-Westphalia, specialises in the distribution of Steinberg + Kirsch dampers, an EnergieLink product line. These products ideally complement our service offer and exhibit the same high quality.


Breda NL

We have been represented by an additional subsidiary in Breda in the Netherlands since June 2018. This is a logical development as, thanks to numerous successful overhaul and maintenance projects completed in the Benelux region, our team has already gained sound sector and market knowledge specific to these countries. Together with our management, our engineering experts are meeting the demand for first-class maintenance service for industrial plants and waste incinerators in full.

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