Slag Chute Gate Valve

Slag chute gate valve in thermal waste to energy plants

The gate valve in the slag shaft of waste-to-energy plants is used to separate the incineration grate from the deslagger in order to enable safe working during inspection or overhaul of the deslagger. Due to extreme contamination and high air  humidity, slag settles on the inner walls of the gate valve, which made it impossible to properly close it and to ensure a safe working

environment. With the patented EnergieLink solution, we have a first-ever solution to tackle this problem. With our slag chute gate valve, it is now, for the first time ever, possible to close the channel at 100% even under the most extreme conditions, and simultaneously enable a safe working environment.

Slag chute gate valve with 100% closure

The gate valve consists of a frame and a gate valve plunger, which is hydraulically driven by external rollers. The concept of 100 % closure is achieved by the special design in which the gate valve operates in a slag-cleaned area. As the slag chute slide moves, all sides are self-cleaning, which prevents jamming and significantly increases the service life.

EnergieLink Slag Chute Gate Valve


Solution: Always closes at 100% even under the most extreme conditions.

Material: Steel and stainless steel. Special solution possible on request

Size: For all systems and sizes

Drives: Hydraulic cylinder drive & other drives possible on request


  • Lower costs

Additional safety for the operation due to 100% closure. Failures due to blockage can be reduced to a minimum.

  • Low maintenance

Self-cleaning of all sides takes place as the slide moves, which prevents jamming and significantly increases the service life. All wearing parts are accessible from the outside.

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