EnergieLink Grate block "EL-TWIN Block 206"

Twice as wide - half the effort

By doubling the width of the individual blocks, the number of gaps between the grate blocks is automatically reduced, which leads to a reduction in ash leakage through the grate. The installation of the blocks requires considerably less effort, since we have been able to significantly reduce the number of individual parts required for a grate element. Complex and expensive parts, such as tie rods and universal blocks are no longer required. This has a direct positive impact on service, which can be carried out faster and more efficiently. The blocks are bolted together and form a stable row, which prevents individual blocks from lifting during operation. With the light weight of approx. 23kg the blocks are easy to handle for assembly.

Compared to block 103, the number of holes have been reduced by half and the hole diameter has been enlarged, which significantly reduces the risk of clogging and provides for a permanent homogeneous air distribution in operation. The grate block has cooling fins and an air-guide structure for better cooling thereby increasing the service life of the blocks.

EnergieLink Grate block


Material: optimized grey cast iron
Design: biomechanical optimized
Dimensions: 206x530x147
Weight: approx. 23 kg
Assembly: Bolted only - Does not need tie rods


  • Lower costs

Faster installation, due to fewer parts. High reduction in labor hours and service costs.

  • Less material

Smaller number of materials needed for a grate coating and no tie rods or universal blocks needed because the blocks are bolted together.

  • Less ash leakage

Fewer gaps on grate lining, less lifting of individual blocks, thus less ash leakage through the grate.

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