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EnergieLink deslaggers

The function of the deslagger is to discharge slag following combustion and provide a seal between the combustion chamber (where negative pressure prevails) and the surrounding space. Air tightness is assured through a water bath, thus avoiding problems during waste incineration in the form of leak air. The water level in the deslagger is also controlled.

EnergieLink deslaggers are robust and low maintenance in design. Their plunger is actuated by two hydraulic cylinders and pushes the slag out of the water. The interior of the deslagger is lined with removable striker plates which can be replaced during an overhaul. Customers’ specific requests can be taken into consideration during design and construction.

EnergieLink deslaggers


  • Version: B2’000 mm
  • Other versions 1'600 mm, 1’800 mm and 2’400 mm and according to customers’ requests
  • Two doors standard
  • Width: 2’654 mm with version B2000
  • Height: 2’575 mm (without adjustable feet) with version B2000
  • Length: 5’660 mm (without discharge hood) with version B2000
  • Inlet opening: 2’000 mm x 1’000 mm with version B2000
  • Outlet opening: 2’000 mm x 1’269 mm with version B2000
  • Stroke length: 1’120 mm
  • Discharge capacity approx. 7.5 m3/h with version B2000
  • Robust construction
  • Exchangeable wear plates made of Hardox, or other materials according to customer's requirements
  • Large outlet opening
  • Long hub
  • Critical moving parts are outside the water bath

Your options:

  • Central lubrication to distributor block
  • Manual or automatic lubricating pump
  • Dry discharge with cooling
  • Grate valve in discharge chute
  • Water valves
  • Level measurement according to customer’s request
  • Outer coating according to customer’s request (structure and colouring)
  • Wear-resistant plates in travel area of plunger
  • Hoods over lever in stainless steel
  • Individual discharge hood
  • Supplied in multiple parts


  • Doors with large sealing area
  • Maintenance-friendly two-piec shaft bearings
  • Customers’ requests can be accommodated
  • Low height
  • Suitable for stationary or suspended use
  • Shaft bearing, 2-part, 1 x fixed bearing and 1 x floating bearing
  • Plunger joint with specific plain bearing
  • Easy and quick maintenance due to the installation of large doors


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