Client: TIRME Parque de Tecnologias Ambientales, Mallorca
Start: 22.01.2018
End: 23.02.2018

Overhaul of two incineration lines in the thermal power plant Tirme Parque de Tecnologías Ambientales on Mallorca successfully completed

The Tirme Parque de Tecnologías Ambientales in Palma de Mallorca is one of the most modern and efficient waste incineration and management facilities in Europe. Within just five weeks, EnergieLink successfully completed the overhaul of its L3 and L4 combustion lines. The following revision and maintenance work was carried out with a team of experts:

• Revision of the grate drive, the hopper and metering plunger

• Upgrading from a water-cooled to an air-cooled grate, including disassembly and assembly

Thanks to precise planning and organisation, this result was achieved within this short downtime and the customer was optimally supported. The system was hydraulically and electrically commissioned after completion and handed over to the specialists at Tirme Parque de Tecnologías Ambientales.