Client: Modern plant in Bavaria
Start: October 2017
End: 23.03.2018

EnergieLink supplies and installs two feed chutes for modern waste-to-energy plant in Bavaria

In order to optimise operational and cost efficiency, EnergieLink was asked to supply, set up, and install two feed chutes designed specifically to keep future maintenance costs low. The first feed chute was installed and commissioned this March, while the second chute is due to be operational in May. In order to detect backfire in the chute very quickly, both feed chutes are equipped with a closed forced-cooling system with multiple monitoring facilities. The heat released is directly dissipated by the cooling system, which prevents critical cooling water temperatures, vapour bubbles, and warping of the chute. The material used for the interior of the chute is able to withstand temperatures of up to 750°C, while being highly resistant to corrosion and abrasion.